Azrieli Circular Tower View | - Tel Aviv Photo Tour

Azrieli Towers: City View From the Top of Circular Tower Roof

Want to look at the Tel Aviv from 187 yards? Azrieli Towers Board conducted two tours in the Azrieli Tower Center and the Circular Tower – the most recognised symbols of Tel Aviv. There is not so easy to get in on the roof. This door open only three times a year.
A Panoramic view from the circular tower of Azrieli Helicopter Landing Strip – Center Circular Tower – The tallest of the three towers, measuring 187 m (614 ft) in height. The tower has 49 floors, making it the tallest building in Tel Aviv and the second tallest in Israel, after the Moshe Aviv Tower.
Each floor of the Circular Tower has 84 windows, giving the tower more than 4,000 windows. The tower’s perimeter is 141 meters (462 feet); its diameter is 44 meters (144 feet).

The high tower of the three towers and will address the connection between the mall towers. The tour ended at the top helicopter landing strip.
Azrieli Tower Helicopter Landing Strip | - Tel Aviv Photo Tour

Helicopter Landing Strip.

So high…

Skyline view of North Tel Aviv: Akirov Towers, Park Tzameret, Park Hayarkon, Ramat Aviv…

Tel Aviv Downtown

Kikar Hamedina

Akirov Towers.

Park Tzameret. New buildings.

Diamond Exchange District. Skyline

South Ayalon.

Electra Tower.

Toy City.

German Templer (Sarona) reconstruction.

Tiny Train.

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