Mission & Values

TLVSpot.com is a photography website project which provides inspired stories from Tel Aviv, White City – UNESCO World Heritage. Our wish is to capture it through camera and share it to the world.

For all our captures we are using a professional equipment: a couple of DSLR cameras, professional lenses and an advanced post-processing work-flow using Adobe software: Lightroom, Photoshop and PTGui for Panoramas. That technologies helps us keep our images in a high-level and bring to you the best quality ever. On the other hand, we do not feel the need to over-process our images. A great photo is great because of the moment it captures and the skill-set needed to capture it, not because of what’s done to it afterwards.

Our Team

Evgeniy Averboukh

Photographer & Web Developer

Evgeniy Alterman

Photographer & Web Developer

Anna Abramovich

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