Lunch Time! Collection of 21 dishes that we ate in Tel Aviv for the last 21 business days. Local cooking, restaurants & pubs.

It’s okay to eat fish because they don’t have any feelings.
Kurt Cobain

1. Bulgarian cheese with tomato and egg oven

2. Moroccan Chraime -Spicy Fish

3. Pad Thai with Chicken

4. Pasta Funghi

5. Rice on Wok. Thailand dish.

6. Turkish Shashlik with Fries.

7. Pullet with Rice

8. Chicken breast with Rice.

9. Classic hamburger with potatoes.

10. Hummus with grains

11. Seafood noodles

12. Pasta Rose

13. Frankfurt Schnitzel

14. Original Shakshuka

15. Salmon fish

16. Spaghetti Pesto

17. Turkish Shawarma with Fries.

18. Sofrito with kus kus

19. Chicken breast with mashed potatoes

20. Cutlets with rice

21. Vegetarian Noodles

Every time you ask yourself: what to eat today? I recommend you to see this post!

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